About Selcuk

Selcuk is a central city in Izmir Province with a population of just over 27,000 people, however it remains one of the most visited places in Turkey. It is one of the most beautiful parts of Turkey – there isn’t any air pollution or deafening traffic noise to disturb you. It’s calm and relaxing all year round.

Selcuk is known not only for its historical treasures, it’s also famous for the annual Camel Wrestling Championship, run every year in winter; the Greek settlement of Sirince Villiage; and Pamucak beach, where you can unwind and relax. Whether you want to see stunning beaches or immerse yourself in history and thousand-year old culture – Selcuk has it all.

Introduction to Selcuk

In the past, Selcuk was a modest agriculture town that busy with tourism as a second bussiness. It began to change its shape after 1980′s when Turkey gained accelaration in tourism area. But now, tourism is an urging power behind its economy.

Selcuk is a touristic town inside the borders of Izmir City in the Aegean Region and has got antique works of art which lighten the darkness of the history.

Selcuk is not far from the sea so that it may be called as a coast town of the Aegean Region. Selcuk has been a cradle for the history, religion, culture and art of different ages. Selcuk has a good reputation owing to Ephesus city ruins, Virgin Mary’s House and Seljukian works of art. Kucuk Menderes (a river) that waters the area, runs to the Aegean Sea by forming a flat plain with aluvion it cariies. This plain, covered with large and small mountains, has been the center of different civilizations during the history and witnessed the events which are important enough to change the goings-on of the history. It has become the most important place where the tourism potential is becoming dense in our contry with its historical, cultural, artistic and natural wealth.

The most important characteristic of Selcuk is its being the center of three religions that established and progressed. In the ancient eras, in the world of idolatry this place was the center of Paganism. In Selcuk, studies are being carried out on the art of Idolatry era: These are the Temple of Artemis and the holly goddess Artemis. In the Temple “Great is Artemis Ephesias” is written. In the following eras, in Selçuk, we see the Christianity religion which had been started to spread out by St. John and his apostles, and today it still goes on.