Camel Wrestling


Every third Sunday of January, Selcuk comes alive with the annual Camel Wrestling Festival. A longstanding tradition of Selcuk of 28 years, it is one of the biggest camel wrestling competitions in the Aegean side of Turkey.

The tradition of camel wrestling first started in Incirliova, Aydin in the 19th century and is very popular in south and east Aegean.

Camel wrestling is a sport in which two male camels (Tulu camels) wrestle, for a female camel.

Tulu camels are specially bred and trained by professional trainers called “Savran” – in Turkey a camel’s bloodline is as important as horses in thoroughbred racing in more western countries.

 32 th of Traditional Camel Wrestling Fest has taken place in 19th of January 2014 at the Camel Wrestling area near Pamucak Beach. At the 18th there will be a walking inside the center  and competition of the most beautiful Camel. At the wrestling there will be 130 camels and about more than 20.000 audience.