Dilek Peninsula National Park Kusadasi

National Park Kusadasi

National Park Kusadasi – Guzelcamli


The eastern border of the Dilek Peninsula was enlarged in order to include the hills line and the valleys surrounding it. On the Meander river delta, the western section of Soke-Didim high way was taken as border to the cast. By the Meander bridge it sits on hills line and ends at Taşburun area to south. At the sea side, an imaginary line follows the sea  1000m toward it.

Dilek-Peninsula-Kusadasi-National park


The area of  Kusadasi National Park within such limits has reached to 27.675 ha. from 10.985 ha. The promotion center of the national park will be established in Old Doğanbeyli Village. Such center will provide visual and audial information to the visitors about natural and cultural features of the territory and will determine daily activities within the park.