Selcuk Beach

Yoncakoy Beach


Yoncakoy is a small village of Selcuk and second closest beach around Selcuk.

It would take 15 minutes by local buses (Dolmus).

Pamucak Beach

Pamucak beach is the closest beach to Selcuk.  You can get a dolmus departs from Selcuk bus station very often.

You’ll be there in 10 minutes, minibus coasts about 3-4 Liras.

There is 2 Aquaparks between Pamucak Beach and Tusan Beach, go to Aquaparks page if you want to see them.

Tusan Beach

Tusan Beach is a beach between Kusadasi and Selcuk.

You can go by Kusadasi dolmuses and you would be there in half hour.

Ladies Beach

Ladies Beach is on the south side of Kusadasi where most of the locals and tourists go. It has a nice beach and a clean sea.