Top 10 Beaches in the Canary Islands


The Canary Islands, located off the northwest coast of Africa, are known for their beautiful beaches and year-round sunny weather. With over 500 beaches to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide where to spend your time soaking up the sun and enjoying the warm waters. Here is a list of the top 10 beaches in the Canary Islands:

  1. Playa de las Teresitas (Tenerife)

    Located in the north of Tenerife, this man-made beach boasts golden sand imported from the Sahara Desert.

  2. Playa de Papagayo (Lanzarote)

    This secluded beach is one of the most picturesque in the Canary Islands, with its clear turquoise waters and white sand.

  3. Playa del Duque (Tenerife)

    This upscale beach is perfect for families, with its calm waters and luxury amenities.

  4. Playa de Sotavento (Fuerteventura)

    This windswept beach is popular among windsurfers and kiteboarders, thanks to its strong winds.

  5. Playa de las Canteras (Gran Canaria)

    This urban beach is the perfect spot for sunbathing and people-watching, with its promenade lined with restaurants and cafes.

  6. Playa de las Cucharas (Lanzarote)

    This beach is ideal for water sports enthusiasts, with its excellent conditions for windsurfing and diving.

  7. Playa de las Américas (Tenerife)

    This lively beach is popular among party-goers, with its beach clubs and vibrant nightlife.

  8. Playa de Maspalomas (Gran Canaria)

    This iconic beach is famous for its towering sand dunes and nudist-friendly section.

  9. Playa del Inglés (Gran Canaria)

    This bustling beach is known for its wide range of water sports activities and lively atmosphere.

  10. Playa de Papagayo (Gran Canaria)

    One of the most beautiful secluded beaches in the Canary Islands, with its crystal-clear waters and golden sands.

Whether you prefer to relax on a quiet, secluded beach or party it up at a lively beach club, the Canary Islands have a beach for every type of traveler. Be sure to explore as many of these top 10 beaches as possible during your visit to this stunning archipelago.